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Paul Demers «Encore une fois»

Here is the final product available in stores and at pauldemers.ca. See my previous blog entry for more details about the design of this album.












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The Making of «Encore une Fois»

As mentioned in a previous blog entry, I was chosen to design Paul Demers new music album «Encore une Fois». It was an interesting summer project I was looking forward to, but I didn’t expect the album to be redone from scratch. A monstrous task since I was working full time as a support web designer at La Cité collégiale at the same time. So after the meeting with Paul and his producer Jean-Michel Ouimet, we had an idea of the new direction: Paul’s return. I submitted the idea of having a logotype for Paul’s name which he could use later on for different applications including his album. With his blessing, I started to work on different word marks.

Logotype/wordmark sketches


Surface test with the word mark chosen by Paul

logowoodlogo rust

logo vintage

Paul really really REALLY liked the wordmark on the vintage wallpaper and he wanted THAT for the cover. I tried several alternate covers to keep the same look as my original cover, but since Paul and Jean-Michel were the artistic directors, I didn’t had any weight in the final decision. Even if you don’t agree all the time, the important thing is that you please the client.

Some of the alternate covers

Website that was never used.


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School project S4 – Paul Demers Album

French Canadian and Singer/songwriter Paul Demers asked us to design his new music album and promotion products. The theme of his album (at that time) was the endless circle of love : The conquest, the love, the break-up. We had access to early recordings of his new album alongside the lyrics of most of his new songs. Below is the final school project which got me chosen to do his new album. But the NEW album design is completely different from what’s below since Paul changed his concept later on. I will add a blog entry when the real album comes out.

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