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6th semester begins!

This is it! The light at the end of the tunnel, the last stretch or the beginning of the end would describe my situation. Tomorrow my 6th and last semester as a graphic design student will begin. Rumour has it that the last semester is very difficult and strenuous for the students because everything is crunched up into 8 weeks. If the past is any indication of the future, I don’t need to worry too much. I just can’t wait to begin my 8 week internship and be done with college… for the second time. I will post my projects along the semester if time permits. Otherwise, I’ll make multiple updates at the end of the semester.

May inspiration be with you … always.

My new business card

This is the new business card I made for myself during the semester. This is the only project I had time to design outside of my school schedule. On the front my initial “d” and “p” placed inside a circle forms a little character’s head with two eyes. One eye is red (letter p) to show my keen vision for design and to related with my last name in red. The brackets on each side of “danypepin” looks like the character’s hands holding my name. The red half-dot on the side is placed to attract attention to the other side of the card. On the back side are my contact informations and the QR code to access my online portfolio on smart phones. I’ve put my audio production and writing skills off this card since it will only be an accessory to my future career.




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Semester 2 begins today

Vacation is over. My second semester as a graphic design student begins today. In the next four months, I will learn Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator (CS4) and will also have the following courses: Graphic Design II, Drawing II, Creativity I, Applied Arts History II and Communication Techniques II. I will post my projects right after they are graded by my teachers if time permits, otherwise they will be available at the end of the semester. Most my first semester projects are available on this blog.

May inspiration be with me.

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