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I know what you did last summer (part 1)

Oh man, what a busy summer! The word “vacations” wasn’t part of my vocabulary during the last months. I worked full time as a support designer for the IT department La Cité collégiale revamping the website, doing updates and some designing. But in addition, I was designing the new album of French-Canadian singer/songwriter Paul Demers during evenings and weekends. I also designed my brother’s bachelor party invitation as you can see in a previous blog entry.

As my 5th semester quickly approaches, here are some of the things I designed during the summer. NOTE : I will be adding a blog entry for the new Paul Demers album when it comes out.

Graphics (organisational chart)

I redesigned an ugly organisational chart created in MS Word into something more visually attractive. It may or may not be use.

Back to school banners

One of those banners may or may not be chosen for the school homepage, but I had a lot of fun experimenting with photoshop.

HDR photography

I did some photography of the campus to refill the college’s image databank and experimented with High Dynamic Range (HDR) toning with some of them. I kept the effect subduded to enhance the image and not make it surreal.

 copyright 2011

School project S3 – Cité Femmes : applications

For the remainder of this project, we must develop various applications including stationary and business card using visual elements that emerge from the new identity created for “Cité Femmes”.

As for the logo, pastel color overlays and curved elements were reused for all applications. To strengthen the visual image, we added a female model wearing the colors of “Cité Femme” to give a human personality to the committee. Moreover, adding the slogan “Women’s safety on campus … we’re watching out for! “adds a sense of security and solidarity for women on campus.












 copyright 2010

School project S2: Newspaper banner

For this project we had to reimagine the entire school newspaper layout and create a new banner. There is no point in posting the entire newspaper, but bellow is the banner I created by deconstructing letters and playing with black & white.

 copyright 2010

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