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School project S4 – Advertisement photography

In this project we applied basic photography theories for advertisement. I believe the hardest part of the project was finding an idea and a good tag line. Since I played Clue’s Colonel Mustard for a classmate website, it inspired me to make a “French’s” mustard ad based on the very popular murder/mystery boardgame. The tag line for this ad is basically the part of the gameplay when you make your accusation… the killer, the room, the weapon. The ambiance is achieved by a simple black and white photo where I kept the yellow of the mustard for contrast. The ad is very simple, but gets the attention. I made two different versions below.

 copyright 2011

School project S3 – Absolut Vodka Ad

For this project we had to make a fake Absolut Vodka ad, in the style of one of our favorite illustrator. We didn’t know about the project when our teacher ask each student two pick two of their favorite illustrators and show the class some of the work they do. I my case, I had chosen Drew Struzan and Frank Frazetta. Then, he announced that we had to make an Absolut Vodka ad in the style of one of our two chosen illustrators. That was a surprise, and I might not have picked those two illustrators/painters because they do highly detailed work. I picked Frank Frazetta because I’m a fan of his Conan book covers. The final result is my best illustrative work ever. This digital painting was done entirely in photoshop with a Wacom tablet and took me around 22 hours to complete. If you are curious, you can see the “making of” videos by following this link. The title Absolut Quest stand for the challenge Conan faces to get to the Absolut Vodka bottle protected by a giant snake.

absolut quest

absolut quest conan

absolut quest snake

 copyright 2010

School project S3 – Flash ad

For our first flash project we had to pick a subject submited by classmates out of a hat and create a 728 x 90 px flash ad without sound. I was fortunate enough to pick the Avatar movie release on Blu-Ray. Click on the image below to see the animation.

avatar flash ad

 copyright 2010

School project S2 : Pop-up window

For this art history project we again had to create a fake advertisement inspired from an art movement, but this time in the form of a pop-up window. I really like the work of Art Nouveau artist Alphonse Mucha and was inspired to create an ad with element of his style. I chose a product from the “human” collection of the Fruits & Passion company. They sell products with natural essences and ingredients which also well represent the Art Nouveau movement who brought natural inspired elements in their art and designs. You can also see (below) some branding elements (colors, floral pattern) I used from the Fruits & Passion website to tie my fake ad to the actual look and style of the company.



 copyright 2010

School project S2 – Impressionism inspired ad

For this Art History project we had to create a magazine ad for a product and use a modern art movement as a springboard for the concept. I chose impressionism. There are many connections with that movement in my ad:

1- The title “The image revolution” is referring to the new LED TV and the fact that impressionism was also a revolution in painting after the arrival of photography.

2- One of the technique used in impressionism is painting the canvas with successive small strokes of primary colors and letting the eyes mix the dots light reflexion as color. This is similar to the pixels of a television, and especially the old cathodic tube TVs.

3- The photo used for this composition is actually a modern snapshot of “Jardin de Giverny” in France where Claude Monet, the father of impressionism, painted most of his work. I used photoshop to recreate the painting effect.

There is no particular reason why I chose LG as a product beside the usual look and use of white space in their ads. It is a very simple but effective ad. I’ve put a small grey line to outline the ad where the cutlines were.


 copyright 2010

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