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Business cards : Octave Communications

After designing their new identity, my next task was to create business cards for Octave Communications. They needed business cards for an upcoming convention. Since there’s nothing like a special business card to make you stand out, I decided for a better quality card with a thicker paper and a 4 corner round die-cut.

The card was created vertically as a reference to a radio broascast tower. The front of the card feature the Octave logo in white over a rich orange color with radio waves emitting from the logo. The back of the card also makes reference to broadcast waves along side the information.

Octave Business Card

 Copyright  Dany Pépin 2013

My new business card

This is the new business card I made for myself during the semester. This is the only project I had time to design outside of my school schedule. On the front my initial “d” and “p” placed inside a circle forms a little character’s head with two eyes. One eye is red (letter p) to show my keen vision for design and to related with my last name in red. The brackets on each side of “danypepin” looks like the character’s hands holding my name. The red half-dot on the side is placed to attract attention to the other side of the card. On the back side are my contact informations and the QR code to access my online portfolio on smart phones. I’ve put my audio production and writing skills off this card since it will only be an accessory to my future career.




 copyright 2010

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