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School projet S4: Editorial Illustration

For this project we had to create an editorial illustration based on a random magazine article provided by the teacher. We then had to include this illustration in a spread layout. My article, called “French Attraction”, depicts the recent popularity of French schools in the English community of Canada. French being the second official language in Canada, being bilingual open a lot of opportunities in the workplace. My illustration shows  a fictional city (mix of Montréal, Toronto and Vancouver) in the distance with a see of people lined up and seeking a job opportunity. The bilingual people, having an advantage over the others, are carried by “French” blimps over the crowd and directly to good careers high up the skyscrapers. The addition of a magnet holding the characters is a simple reference to the title. The illustration was made with color crayon and the layout in Indesign.

french attraction
 copyright 2011

School project S3 – Skateboard design

For this illustration project we had to create a skateboard (or snowboard) design using only color pencils. So I took out my prismacolor crayon and draw a design that I called « Skate or Die ». You can see muscle behind the teared flesh. A reminder of what can happend if your skating unwisely. The tattoo of the letters DYP are simply my initial with a Y in between. You can see pictures of the process (here) and the final product (below).


 copyright 2010

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