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School project S2: Propaganda

In art class we had to create a propaganda poster. I chose the global warming and the melting of the ice caps in the Arctic as the subject. The poster is in french, done with aquarelle, markers and indian ink. I played with the title “le Pôle Nord” (North Pole) and decided to go with “le pôle Mort” (Dead pole). The word play works in french because the words rime. In the middle of America, I wrote “Tu es coupable” (you’re responsible/guilty), with the emphasis on the “TU” (you) which address the reader directly for more impact. The main part of the poster is the cracked North Pole in the form of a skull, and the blood splashing behind and dripping on America. You get the message.

 copyright 2010

Blast from the past : Oil Paintings 1

Here are 9 of the 20 oil paintings I created from 1988 to 1991. I don’t have good pictures of the other 11 but I will post them on the blog at one point. I’m gonna try to take better pictures of the paintings I can retrace. Some of them have been given away or sold.

 Dany Pépin, Au pied de la montagne (1988) – huile sur toile.

 Dany Pépin, Ruisseau d’automne (1989) – huile sur toile.

 Dany Pépin, Mer du sud (1989) – huile sur toile.

 Dany Pépin, Mer du nord (1989) – huile sur toile.

 Dany Pépin, La tempête approche (1991) – huile sur toile.

 Dany Pépin, Île déserte (1990) – huile sur toile.

 Dany Pépin, Côte nord 1 (1990) – huile sur toile.

 Dany Pépin, Côte nord 2 (1990) – huile sur toile.

 Dany Pépin, Aux portes de l’enfer (1991) – huile sur toile.

School project S2 : Pop-up window

For this art history project we again had to create a fake advertisement inspired from an art movement, but this time in the form of a pop-up window. I really like the work of Art Nouveau artist Alphonse Mucha and was inspired to create an ad with element of his style. I chose a product from the “human” collection of the Fruits & Passion company. They sell products with natural essences and ingredients which also well represent the Art Nouveau movement who brought natural inspired elements in their art and designs. You can also see (below) some branding elements (colors, floral pattern) I used from the Fruits & Passion website to tie my fake ad to the actual look and style of the company.



 copyright 2010

School project S2 – Dream poster

A hand drawing mixed with scans, images and textures to create a dream inspired poster. Here are the two versions. The original size for each poster is 11x17in.

 copyright 2010

School project S2 – ACELF poster

The Canadian Association for French Language Teaching (L’Association Canadienne de l’Enseignement de la Langue Française – ACELF), had a competition to determine the design/image for their 63rd convention this fall. Beside being a competition, it was also a school project in our Creativity I class. The design I created didn’t win, but I got great reviews from my teachers and classmates. The poster was created with Adobe Photoshop CS4.

poster ACELF

 copyright 2010

School project S2 – Drawing exercises

Here are some exercises from drawing class. First, Belvedere Castle in Central Park NYC (indian ink), followed by a surprised expression on my girlfriend’s face (pencil) and finally, me holding my ring (pencil).

Central park


the ring

 copyright 2010

School project S1- Inspired by Dali

For this drawing project we had to find an artist and use 5 elements of his style to create our own art. I chose Salvador Dali as an inspiration and drawn (pencil) the art below. It is called “Material Girl” and shows different aspects and clichés of the superficial woman. Her search for perfect beauty, represented by the body, the bust and the cosmetic element (city) at the back. Her search for material objects represented by the jewelry, the high heel and the bag. Her desire for power, represented by the fusion of the hands and body… using her appearance to gain power. Also her desire for money represented by the hand bag being walked by a hand… or is it the money that guiding the woman’s hand. It all depends of your point of view. Their is also a loch of blonde hair snaking around the city. I’ll let that interpretation to you. Sometimes I even surprise myself.

 copyright 2009

School project S1 – Mazed and Confused

This is the title of this perspective project. It is a 40×20 inches drawing done with prismacolor crayons. I used very vibrant colors to give lots of contrast. This piece has also some illusion aspects. You can turn the art around and see it from different doors and stairs from other angles. I purposely didn’t draw any outline to confuse the brain even more. My classmates did like this piece from the comments I received.

 copyright 2009

School project S1- Wine and bread

I love wine so when we got to draw a “Nature morte“, I couldn’t resist.

 copyright 2009

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