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SWITS sweeps the FAA awards

In January, the Star Wars Fanworks community voted for their favorite fan audio productions of 2009 in a variety of categories. Star Wars : In the Shadows (SWITS) was up for all the audio drama categories… and won them all. You can download and listen to the Fan Audio Award (FAA) show (spinoff#16) hosted this year by husband and wife, Andrew and Sarah Gilbertson along with the multitalented audio producer Joe Harrison.

I am blessed to have been surrounded by such talented people and it made my project better than I expected. Thanks to all the people involved and congrats to the runners-up. Here are the categories SWITS was nominated for.

In the Shadows

Dany Pepin (In the Shadows)

Dany Pepin (In the Shadows )

Dany Pepin (In the Shadows)

Dany Pepin (In the Shadows)

In the Shadows

You can listen to Star Wars : In the Shadows at Creative Audioscape Productions

SWITS Episode 6 – Echoes from the Past

THIS IS IT! The last and climactic episode of Star Wars : In the Shadows is available! This finale includes a 22 minutes bonus of bloopers and outtakes from the production. Enjoy. http://www.creativeaudioscape.com

After meeting Xizor aboard his skyhook the Falleen Fist, our heroes made a deal with the prince; The Jedi in exchange for their freedom. Unfortunately for Xizor, he underestimated the young crew and fell for their well-crafted ploy. Aboard the Providence, Emma and her friends have reached the Tapani Sector, where they finally pinpoint the location of the secret Imperial base and request the help of the Rebel Alliance. Yet they are unaware that Guri has followed them and that Darth Vader is not far behind.

I would like to thank all the volunteer cast members for their talent and time, all the partners for their help in promoting the drama and anyone who help promote SWITS by word to mouth and via social networks. This audio drama was my first adventure in storytelling and without your support it would not have been possible. I hope you enjoyed the story and the production. If you did, send me feedback and continue to spread the good word.

Star Wars : In the Shadows – episode 6 – Echoes form the Past (79m27s)

SWITS Episode 5 – Falleen Dealings

The second to last episode is available! In this Xizor-centric episode our heroes try to rescue Jayna from the clutches of Black Sun. I hope you enjoy this pheromone filled episode of Star Wars : In the Shadows! http://www.creativeaudioscape.com

After successfully finding the Jedi Sakata Dahl on Ord Mantell, our heroes are left with one member short. The young Jayna was kidnapped by Black Sun in a desperate attempt by Xizor to get information out of Emma. Little did he know that during their trip to Imperial City, they would discover that Emma is Force sensitive and that a biological weapon was at the heart of the secret imperial project her dad was working on. But our heroes are unaware that Darth Vader in on their tail, determined to kill the newly discovered Jedi.

Star Wars : In the Shadows – Episode 5 – Falleen Dealing (39m04)

SWITS Episode 4 – Revelations

As the title implies, this episode reveals new information about our heroes and we meet with a pivotal character. I hope you enjoy the fourth chapter of Star Wars : In the Shadows! http://www.creativeaudioscape.com

After surviving the nocturnal wilderness and infiltrating the Imperial outpost along side Rebel Alliance Special Forces, our heroes discovered a mysterious research laboratory hidden deep underground. After fighting their way to the shuttle and out into hyperspace, they finally arrived at their destination; the secret Rebel base on Dantooine.

Star Wars : In the Shadows – Episode 4 – Revelations (43m58s)

SWITS Episode 3 – Amidst the Enemy

After a long three weeks since the last episode, the third chapter of Star Wars : In the Shadows is finally available! http://www.creativeaudioscape.com

After slipping out of the hands of Black Sun, yet again, our heroes’ ship was hijacked by a desperate rebel and shot down by the Empire while trying the flee into hyperspace. The Valiant Maiden crash landed on the forest planet of Cholganna where our heroes narrowly escaped with their lives. Now they must find a way to leave this planet and its dangerous wildlife.

Star Wars : In the Shadows – Episode 3 – Amidst the Enemy (44m23s)

SWITS Episode 2 – Against all Odds

The second chapter of Star Wars : In the Shadows is now available! http://www.creativeaudioscape.com

After narrowly escaping the clutches of Black Sun in a speeder chase across the sky lanes of Imperial City, our newly acquainted heroes have regrouped aboard their ship the Valiant Maiden and headed for the luxury space liner “Lucky Paradise” to make quick credits in the casino. They are unaware that Prince Xizor has a new agenda. He intends to get his hands on Emma Wermis and utilize her ties to gain access to a secret weapon developed by the Empire.

Star Wars : In the Shadows – Episode 2 – Against All Odds (33m06s)

SWITS Episode 1 – Criminal Entanglements

The time has finally come. Ten months after writing began, the final audio drama is ready for release.  Star Wars : In the Shadows begins its six episodes run with “Criminal Entanglements“, an episode taking place on Coruscant and introducing our main heroes and villains. We are very proud of this new project and we hope you will enjoy listening to it as much as we did making it. http://www.creativeaudioscape.com

Star Wars : In the Shadows – Episode 1 – Criminal Entanglements(40m43s)

SWITS Release Schedule

The six episodes of the Star Wars: In The Shadows audio drama will be release from October 4th all the way to Christmas 2009. Each episode will be separated by a two week interval beginning today with the official trailer.

October 4th Episode 1 : Criminal Entanglements
October 18th Episode 2 : Against all Odds
November 8th Episode 3 : Amidst the Enemy
November 22nd Episode 4: Revelations
December 6th Episode 5 : Falleen Dealings
December 20th Episode 6 : Echoes from the Past

Visit the official website : http://www.creativeaudioscape.com

SWITS official trailer available

Its been a long time coming, but the Official Trailer for Star Wars: In The Shadows is finally here.


Visit the official website : http://www.creativeaudioscape.com

SWITS Official Poster revealed

It is with great pleasure that we present the Official Poster for Star Wars: In The Shadows. It features Emma Wermis, the story’s main character, and known figures like Darth Vader, Prince Xizor and his assassin Guri from Shadows of the Empire multimedia project. Thanks to 501st member Thomas Spanos for his Xizor costume, and pictures.

Visit the official website : http://www.creativeaudioscape.com

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