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School project S4 – Advertisement photography

In this project we applied basic photography theories for advertisement. I believe the hardest part of the project was finding an idea and a good tag line. Since I played Clue’s Colonel Mustard for a classmate website, it inspired me to make a “French’s” mustard ad based on the very popular murder/mystery boardgame. The tag line for this ad is basically the part of the gameplay when you make your accusation… the killer, the room, the weapon. The ambiance is achieved by a simple black and white photo where I kept the yellow of the mustard for contrast. The ad is very simple, but gets the attention. I made two different versions below.

 copyright 2011

School project S4 – Idiom illustration

For this project we had to pick a french idiom from a list and create a black and white illustration portraying the expression. We had to use dots and lines for shading. Colors, with the exception gray, were allowed but only to add  some impact to the illustration. I picked the french idiom “Péter le feu” (farting fire) which basically mean “being full of energy”.



 copyright 2011

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