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School project S3 – Feeling stressed out?

It’s been three months since i’ve posted on my blog. I never imagined that I would be so busy and stressed out.  That was actually the theme of our very first exercice in illustration class.  Here are my three sketches; « pulling my hair out », « To much thing to do » and « Butterfly in your stomach ». (see below).

In the uncoming days, I’ll be posting almost all of my 32 projects of this semester.



 copyright 2010

School project S1- Inspired by Dali

For this drawing project we had to find an artist and use 5 elements of his style to create our own art. I chose Salvador Dali as an inspiration and drawn (pencil) the art below. It is called “Material Girl” and shows different aspects and clichés of the superficial woman. Her search for perfect beauty, represented by the body, the bust and the cosmetic element (city) at the back. Her search for material objects represented by the jewelry, the high heel and the bag. Her desire for power, represented by the fusion of the hands and body… using her appearance to gain power. Also her desire for money represented by the hand bag being walked by a hand… or is it the money that guiding the woman’s hand. It all depends of your point of view. Their is also a loch of blonde hair snaking around the city. I’ll let that interpretation to you. Sometimes I even surprise myself.

 copyright 2009

School project S1- Wine and bread

I love wine so when we got to draw a “Nature morte“, I couldn’t resist.

 copyright 2009

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