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Rebranding the Canadian Soccer Association

One of my first order of business when I started my job at the Canadian Soccer Association (Canada Soccer) was to rebrand the non-profit organization. Besides a logo, the branding was almost non-existent. With that said, this was not a full rebrand because since the Women’s National Team won the bronze medal at the London 2012 Women’s Olympic Football Tournament, the Canada Soccer logo was more recognized than ever. So, I had to develop brand guidelines, a graphic signature and all the applications to go along the existing logo.

The main inspiration behind the graphic signature was the hexagonal netting of a modern soccer goal. It is the target and ultimate objective that every player is trying to reach. As an organization, it represent Canada Soccer’s quest “or goal” to reach the World Cup and for Canada to become a leading soccer nation.

The final product was well received by the organization and with this new corporate brand, the provincial associations seemed to be more inclined than ever to unite and develop the future of soccer in Canada. The short version of the brand guidelines is available here.

 Copyright Canada Soccer 2013, by Dany Pépin

School projet S6 : Radio-Canada/CBC Re-branding

This project involved a re-branding exercise of a Canadian public company. The development of the new brand extended to the research of the character of the brand, the style presentation (moodboard), the creation of the new logo and applications including a presentation book. The new brand has undergone an evolution rather than a transformation in order to maintain the reputation of this Crown corporation. Below are some images taken from the presentation book. The video moodboard (see article) and the details presentation book (7MB 42 pages) are available in french.




ad posters




 copyright Dany Pepin 2012

School project S5 – Beer branding part 5 : The brand book

For this branding project we have to develop the visual identity, the packaging and the advertising campaign for a beer. Here is part 5 of the creative process behind this project.

The Brand book

To stay within the concept of the early colonists of New France and this era controlled by religion, the brand book was design to look like a old bible. A hand crafted black leather slip cover with the gold leaf Yâble logo was made to include a 64 pages booklet (5×7 in). Each section of the book was sewed by hand. Everything you need to know about the project is in this book. You can browse through the flash version of the book by clicking HERE (click and drag the top right corner to turn the page).



 copyright Dany Pepin 2011

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