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School project S4 – LAFF poster

For this illustration project, we had to create a poster for a real client, The Latin American Film Festival in Ottawa (March 17-27 2011). My poster won the competition and will be posted all over the city.

My concept behind the poster was to feature Latin America and its culture. I chose a hot pepper as the focus of this piece because it symbolizes the strength and the warmth of it people and because its shape can resemble the South-American continent. From a good distance you only see a pepper with text wrapped around it, but those who will look closely will be able to see all the culture elements (art, history, entertainment, etc.) surrounding it. Since the Latin American culture is colorful and festive, I added some ribbons on a bright yellow background, which creates contrast. The left image below is the original illustration while the right image is the edited version has with the client modifications.

LAFF 2011 posterLAFF 2011 poster

 copyright 2011

School project S2 : Playing with text effects

In this adobe photoshop project we had to find 12 photoshop text effects tutorials and apply them to our name or logo. Then, we had to paste them in an environment and make it look as real as possible. Below is Time Square (NY) with my name pasted on the different billboards. Click on the image for a bigger version (1200px) or click here for the extra large image 4875px (12MB)

 copyright 2010

School project S2 – Aéroparc

For this photoshop project called “Mini Giant”, we had too include out of scale objects in a scene. I used a photo of Charles de Gaulle Airport near Paris (France) and transformed the scene into a park. You can see the original picture below.



 copyright 2010

School project S2 – Self portraits

For this project I had to use pictures of myself and modify them in photoshop by exploring different tools and functions. I really like how I look as Darth Maul!



 copyright 2010

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