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School project S3 – Cité Femmes : applications

For the remainder of this project, we must develop various applications including stationary and business card using visual elements that emerge from the new identity created for “Cité Femmes”.

As for the logo, pastel color overlays and curved elements were reused for all applications. To strengthen the visual image, we added a female model wearing the colors of “Cité Femme” to give a human personality to the committee. Moreover, adding the slogan “Women’s safety on campus … we’re watching out for! “adds a sense of security and solidarity for women on campus.












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School project S3 – EUFF poster

This is the first real competition the 2nd year students had this semester. We had to submit three poster designs for the 25th European Union Film Festival here in Ottawa. I actually finished in 2nd place! Here are my three designs.

The first one is promoting the discovery of european cinema. You can see the movie reel hiding behind a sheet of paper with the European Union logo. The paper is torn in the shape of the country included in the European Union. This is a photography based design. Only the text and some lighting effect were added with photoshop.

The second poster was the second place winner. The design is fairly simple. You can see the silhouette of the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa, with huge light columns coming from projectors behind the building. The light column are forming the roman number XXV (25) for the 25th anniversary of the festival.

The third was hand drawn in photoshop with a Wacom tablet. It is a James Bondesque style poster. Instead of a gun, the femme fatale is hidind a 8mm camera behind her back. I’ve made two variations of the poster.



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Pop Life Exhibition poster II

Today opens the Pop Life : Art in a Material World Exhibition at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa. As mentioned in a previous post, here is my second FAKE exhibition poster. It is inspired by the  style of pop artist Roy Lichtenstein. The subject of this piece is Jeff Koons silver rabbit, one of the main attraction of this exhibit. It was done entirely with photoshop.

 copyright 2010

Pop Life Exhibition Poster

From June 11th to September 19th 2010, the National Gallery of Canada (NGC) in Ottawa is hosting the Pop Life : Art in a Material World Exhibition. It explores the complex relationship between contemporary art, marketing and the mass media. Beginning with the late work of American Pop artist Andy Warhol (1928-1987), the exhibition proposes a re-reading of his legacy and explores how some of today’s high-profile media-savvy artists have followed his lead, embracing celebrity and commerce as the foundation of their work.

Following this theme, I designed a fake exhibition poster. I used the architecture of the NGC glass tower as an inspiration for this piece. I’m working on a second poster that hopefully will be completed before the exhibition begins. Stay tuned.

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English poster French poster

School project S2 – ACELF poster

The Canadian Association for French Language Teaching (L’Association Canadienne de l’Enseignement de la Langue Française – ACELF), had a competition to determine the design/image for their 63rd convention this fall. Beside being a competition, it was also a school project in our Creativity I class. The design I created didn’t win, but I got great reviews from my teachers and classmates. The poster was created with Adobe Photoshop CS4.

poster ACELF

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School project S1 – 50 years of Helvetica

This typography project was focused on the 50th anniversary (2007) of the Helvetica typeface. We had to design a poster with only one color and, of course, use only Helvetica. Here are three of my designs : The tear, the big white H and the periodic table element.

 copyright 2009

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