School project S5 – MIFO brochure

For this project, we had to create a artistic program/brochure for MIFO’s (Mouvement d’implication francophone d’Orléan) shows presented at the Shenkman Art Centre. It needed to be simple, clean, artistic and original. We had two comedians and four singers/songwriters to include in the brochure. The feature artist was Patrick Groulx since he was born in the region.

The cover features large typography elements with warm colors which is inviting to the audience. The typography also creates a bold contrast with the background. A picture of the Shenkman centre stairs is shown inside the letters for texture only. Offset contour lines were added around the letters to create movement and vibration. The background is a blend of the textures used inside the brochure. More on that later.

The back cover reminds us of the front cover. Big bold letters are use here as a focus point on the venue which is explain in the paragraphs on the right.



The idea behind this project was to have a progressive reveal of the artists. Since Patrick Groulx was the feature artist, we begin with him and the humour section. As you unfold the brochure, the artist are shown. A emphasis on the photography is important for the audience who quickly looks at the brochure. Diagonal lines create a more dynamic visual that recalls the Shenkman logo. The name of the artist has a similar style than the title on the cover and the information is simple and right to the point. The paragraphs also follow the diagonal. The background texture is specific to the sections. For the humour section, the background feature expressions like “LOL”, “hahaha”, “hihihi”, etc. The music section in composed of graphic and text representation of music notes.








Even if this wasn’t an “official” project, the students had to make a presentation in front of the class and the client (MIFO). Both the client and the teacher were evaluating each student presentation and brochure. My project, was chosen as one of the best overall.

 copyright 2011

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