School project S4 : Design conference poster

For this project we had to create a poster for a design conference hosted by a known designer (local or international). The target audience was the local creating community. From a list provided by the teacher, I picked Barbara Jacques from the firm Identica in Montreal.

The concept for this piece is simple, I played with the name identica, and wanted to show the individuality of the company that lives in the shadows of Cossette communications. What is the best symbol for individuality an identity… a fingerprint, a bar code, DNA? Yes, DNA! So instead of using the DNA double helix, I decided to design something that looks like the DNA dye-terminator sequencing and include a custom typography that would merge with the horizontal segments. A little contrast would make the letter stand out. The custom typo (title and host) is especially readable from a good distance. The informative text is placed in the lower right corner to balance the custom typo which is slighly on the left. The informative typo, recalls technology and the advancement in genetic science.

identica poster

 copyright 2011

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