School project S3 – UNESCO poster

For this project, we must create a poster for UNESCO, which puts forward the rapprochement of cultures and the importance of exchange and dialogue.


The idea behind the first poster is to express that humanity (which is peculiar to man) is what brings cultures together. This idea is also the title of this poster.

In this concept, the primary and secondary colors represent the differences culture of the inhabitants of Earth. The primary colors mixed together create the secondary colors expressing the existing fusion between certain cultures. Each culture is represented here by a thread of paint flowing slowly and forming a growing puddle. Gradually, each culture extends and joins another. Slowly they move towards the center of the figure where the word “humanity” is written with a drizzle of black paint. This is the final goal, when all cultures comes together.

As mentioned above, humanity is what is uniquely human and thus all cultures forming a mixture of all colors. The colors create a cultural mosaic which, while uniting, keep their brightness (traditions) and coexist harmoniously. This mosaic is also in the form of a flower which symbolizes life and beauty.

The typography of the poster is expressed in two stages. First, the choice of modern sans serif font is used to clearly indicate the information “International Year of Rapprochement of Cultures”. Secondly, the title “Humanity” is made from a script typeface that has been adapted subsequently to increase the appearance of viscous paint. The title has a strong contrast with the background and the circular shape of the mosaic that surrounds it create emphasis on the word humanity.

Finally, the poster shows implicitly, cultural diversity and the reconciliation of different cultures to contribute to human progress.


The second poster, which was not submitted for grading, shows a magnetic field in multiple colors representing the cultures. They are all attracted to the center where the word “Unity” (the title) is placed.

Unfortunately, I got my worst grade in three semester for this project, and it could not have happen in a worst time.

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