School project S3 – Movie poster

For this illustration project, we had to create a movie poster without using any of the characters or actors of that particular movie. I chose the classic horror movie The Shining from the list of predetermined movies provided by the teacher. The poster shows the front of Danny’s tricycle stopped in front of a pool of blood. If you’ve seen the movie you’ll know which scene it represents. The association of a young kid and blood is disturbing and that was the objective of this poster… create an interest. To make it darker and creepier, I added a shade of green over the entire painting and desaturated the colors. The first version (left) was the poster submitted for grading while the second version with the shadow (right) was a bit too busy for my taste. Again, this digital illustration was handpainted in photoshop with a Wacom tablet.

shiningv1 shiningv2

 copyright 2010

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One response to “School project S3 – Movie poster”

  1. Cup O Swank Studio says :

    I like the right one the best! Nice work!

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