School project S3 – Absolut Vodka Ad

For this project we had to make a fake Absolut Vodka ad, in the style of one of our favorite illustrator. We didn’t know about the project when our teacher ask each student two pick two of their favorite illustrators and show the class some of the work they do. I my case, I had chosen Drew Struzan and Frank Frazetta. Then, he announced that we had to make an Absolut Vodka ad in the style of one of our two chosen illustrators. That was a surprise, and I might not have picked those two illustrators/painters because they do highly detailed work. I picked Frank Frazetta because I’m a fan of his Conan book covers. The final result is my best illustrative work ever. This digital painting was done entirely in photoshop with a Wacom tablet and took me around 22 hours to complete. If you are curious, you can see the “making of” videos by following this link. The title Absolut Quest stand for the challenge Conan faces to get to the Absolut Vodka bottle protected by a giant snake.

absolut quest

absolut quest conan

absolut quest snake

 copyright 2010

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2 responses to “School project S3 – Absolut Vodka Ad”

  1. caty says :

    must say, if you drew the whole thing, you nailed it pretty good, its awesome

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