School project S3 – Zombie Survival Guide website

This is our first big website project. With the teacher’s approval, we could design a website about pretty much everything we liked but it needed to have at least 6 pages, a lots of information and made out of tables (believe it or not). This will be the only website designed with tables in all 4 website courses of our design program. So, I decided to design a website based on Max Brooks book, “The Zombie Survival Guide : Complete Protection from the Living Dead“. If you are a fan of zombies you’ll love this scientific and practical approach to zombie survival. This is one of my best project of the semester if not THE best. I had a lot of fun reading the book and designing the website. Hope you enjoy it also. 🙂

Zombie Survival Guide

All written information contained in this website is the property of Max Brooks. This is a non-profit school project and no infringing claims are intended.

 copyright 2010

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