School project S2 : Playing with type

A little exercise with typography featuring Usain Bolt, the fastest man on earth and part of a poem written by Pooja Natarajan called Passion of Life.

 copyright 2010

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3 responses to “School project S2 : Playing with type”

  1. Jeanne says :

    J’aime vraiment ça. J’aime surtout que tu as répété le texte derrière le courreur pour ajouter du mouvement. Encore un autre très bon travail. 🙂

  2. Tim Wolochatiuk says :

    Very nice job Dany. I was the Exec Producer and director of Storming Juno. I’m thrilled our film inspired you to do this lovely poem. Take care!

    • danypepin says :

      This comment was posted on the wrong post but Wow! Mr. Wolochatiuk let me say that Storming Juno was excellent. I’m keeping it on my PVR for my father and Grand Father to see. He was a tailgunner in a Halifax bomber and D-Day was the first mission of his tour in Europe. He is still alive today at 91 y/o.


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