SWITS Episode 5 – Falleen Dealings

The second to last episode is available! In this Xizor-centric episode our heroes try to rescue Jayna from the clutches of Black Sun. I hope you enjoy this pheromone filled episode of Star Wars : In the Shadows! http://www.creativeaudioscape.com

After successfully finding the Jedi Sakata Dahl on Ord Mantell, our heroes are left with one member short. The young Jayna was kidnapped by Black Sun in a desperate attempt by Xizor to get information out of Emma. Little did he know that during their trip to Imperial City, they would discover that Emma is Force sensitive and that a biological weapon was at the heart of the secret imperial project her dad was working on. But our heroes are unaware that Darth Vader in on their tail, determined to kill the newly discovered Jedi.

Star Wars : In the Shadows – Episode 5 – Falleen Dealing (39m04)

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